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Hi Mark,

I do not even have enough words to express our gratitude! Our night was beyond our wildest dreams and absolutely perfect. My family hasn't had that much fun dancing at a wedding ever. You guys did an incredible job with the music and a good balance so people could dance and still feel like they could hang out and talk. My mother couldn't stop saying that she felt you are the reason it was such a good party! SALLY APPROVED...this is not an easy feat.

Katie and Scott

Hi Mark,

Everyone at the reception had a FANTASTIC time and were very pleased. Thank you for the wonderful job that you and Tina did! Thank you for the song list, that was a very nice touch, and surprise.

Thanks again buddy! :)

Rick and Meghan



Sara and Rob Warwo

We would like to thank Mark!

You did a wonderful job, as always! Everyone had a great time. You went above and beyond, and made sure everyone was having a wonderful time all night. Throughout all the chaos all night, you kept things moving, and calm. I love that you make it a fun night out as opposed to a "job". We also loved meeting your wife. She is great! Thanks again Mark, it was wonderful to see you again!

Sara & Rob

Dear Mark - Hello! I hope you've been well. I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you again for helping our reception to be so special, and so much fun. I've attended a few weddings so far this summer, with a wide variety of songs/styles… Anyway - it's reminded me that you do an incredible job. You have such a keen sense of pace, of knowing what songs will get people actually dancing, and ultimately a way of creating a happy atmosphere. Take care and I hope your summer has been great so far!

All the best,
Andrew Dost - F.U.N.







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