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It all started in 1979 at a local teen disco.I first saw Saturday Night Fever in 1978 and wanted to learn to dance like that so I started going to the local clubs. I started hanging out with the DJ's and one night the owner of the teen disco asked if I could fill in. I was hooked ever since. I went on to bigger teen clubs when the DJ started teaching me to beat mix and operate the lights with the music.

I then started working at the Rink in Utica, MI as a DJ, not because I was any good but because I had all the Disco records none of the other DJ's would play. From that point I started in area clubs and people kept asking me to perform at their functions. Actually it was more like...."Hey Mark you're welcome to come to my party and by the way.....bring your records" and hence started my mobile dj business.

On Going Education

  • I belong to several DJ organizations locally and internationally.
  • Nationally I am a member and moderator on, a website dedicated to the mobile disc jockey.
  • Founding member Michigan Chapter of the ADJA
  • For the past several years I have attended the Mobile Beat National Disc Jockey convention in Las Vegas (yeah that ones hard to take especially in February. We do go to learn....really) It's a great chance to talk to 1000's of DJ's around the world to learn different ideas and improve our services.

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Putting together a DJ system entails several factors: who is the client and what are their needs. Most people
that I have talked to said they didn't want to get blasted out but at the same time needed the volume to create an exciting atmosphere. When I put my system together I kept all that in mind. First and foremost it must sound great. I use all professional grade audio products that are some of the best on the market today. Second it must be reliable. The components I use have all been tested through time as very reliable. I am not going to try and wow you with specs but just to assure you that I will not show up with a home stereo system or components.


Lighting adds ambiance to your event. When watching a movie, the sound and musiclighting in the background is there but not really the most important part of a scene. Lighting will do the same thing at an event. I use the lighting effects to enhance the mood and setting of the event. If the music is pumping, the lights are shooting multitudes of color over the dance floor. When it slows down, the lights come down and maybe just a splash of a color tones down the crowd to make a romantic setting. One of the 1st things I learned when I started to DJ was how to control the lights to the music. People may not notice it but psychologically it creates an atmosphere they can really enjoy.

About Music

Music evokes passion whether it is for love, dancing, feelings or energy. I have a vast amount of music, over 20,000 songs from the 1920's to today’s hottest hits.

Pop music has always had some controversy around it. Today’s music may be a little harsher in vocabulary but I do have all clean radio edits provided by TM Century's Prime Cut CD's. These are the same great hits you hear on the radio without the profanity. Belonging to a music subscription such as this ensures that I will have all of today’s hits your guests want to hear. Each week I receive a new cd with the top 30 in AC, CHR, Urban, Country, Rock, Dance and Christian.

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